American Pie

Like warm apple pie, it's a classic.

The King

An all-star tribute to Elvis's peanut butter and bannana sandwich.

Caramel Battery Acid

Two perfect flavors perfectly paired - Caramel and Itallian espresso.

Sub-Lime Cheesecake

Rock star status cheesecake with a hint of lime.


All Juices Available in:

Nicotine Levels

0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 MG

Bottle Sizes

10 , 15, 30, 60, 120 ML

Mix Ratios

50/50% VG-PG and 100% Organic VG



Juice Information

Guaranteed to be the highest Quality Ingredients Available.

VG and PG

FDA Approved, U.S. Pharmacopia Grade and Validated, 99.7% Pure, Kosher Certified.


Nicotine Bases

FDA Approved, U.S. Pharmacopia Grade and Validated, GC/MS tested, 99.7% Pure, Kosher Certified.



Proprietory- GRAS and FDA Approved, diacetyl-free, formulated for Vaping and use in Electronic Cigarettes.


Handcrafted in San Jose California




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